Marley Spoon Review by Sara Sheikh


Hey there, my name is Sara and I am a chef by profession. I have worked with dozens of restaurants and have provided my advice to multiple food restaurants to give them the idea of what’s good for their customers.

But cooking in restaurants is one thing, doing the same in your house for your children can really become a tough job. Especially, when your children have dozens of choices and different taste liking.

I am being always asked by my friends about how to maintain a dinner plan which is both delicious and healthy for the children.

Well, that’s tough to combine both things at the same time. But few weeks ago, I learnt about a service called Marley Spoon from this site where I am writing my review.

I also earned a special $50 off Marley Spoon Promo Code which was specially offered to me for this review.

So the next thing I did was to go the Marley Spoon site and have a look of their recipes.

I found out that they offer recipes on weekly basis which is indeed a good move since you always have new recipes with new tastes every week.

Wow, that was cool. So I went to the Marley Spoon site and selected my recipes.

I made the order for 2 person meal box and the next thing I did was the payment.

I waited for 1 week after which my box arrived and boy it was a very cool looking box with everything catered very nicely in it.

I had order Italian pasta since I am a big of it, so do my older daughter.

We unpacked the box, found the recipe cart and followed the instructions very precisely.

After 1 hour of hard work, the food was cooked and boy it was extremely delicious.

I never knew that a service like Marley Spoon can offer such great food at such a reasonable price of $20 after using the Marley Spoon Promo code.

It was delicious, healthy and easy to cook.

My younger son Harry, who is not a big fan of pasta also liked it which actually amazed me.

But I must say that the pasta was super delicious and I loved it.

Now this is the time for my review:

  • Shipping 4/5
  • Recipe 5/5
  • Quality of Ingredients: 4.5/5 (Since it lacked some ingredients)
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Quantity: 4/5 (We only had some chunks left for the lunch but it was good)

So in my opinion Marley Spoon is the right meal kit service for you to go with. At-least my experience has been super amazing and I loved it.


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