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My name is Olivia and I am a mother of two. A mother’s job is the toughest one among all others. I have five lovely kids; two daughters and three sons. Being a mother, I have to take care of their every single need. My kids are extremely kind and cooperative all these years, the only trouble I had was their exclusive choice of food.

No matter how hard I try to cook delicious dishes for them, they had always rejected them. However, Marley spoon helped me cook restaurant like dishes for my choosy kids which were not only delicious but also healthy for my kids.

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One of my close relatives, who had been through the same trouble years ago, introduced me to Marley spoon. This is a grocery service, in which you will get the freshly harvested grocery of your favorite meals, packed in a hygienic manner so that no bacteria can deteriorate the food.

They also provide a recipe card, for example, if you have chosen Alfredo Pasta as your meal box recipe, you will be provided with graded ingredients such as freshly sliced meat, spices, macaronis, etc. so you don’t have to be in a hustle before cooking.

The food you will cook will taste exactly like restaurants as they have shared the recipes of fine-dine restaurants with you.

My kids just loved the food I prepared for them; they did not only eat their whole dishes but also complimented my cooking which they have never ever done before.

Now, I have been so relaxed and do not have to worry about my kids’ health, all because of Marley spoon meal box services.


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