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Hello my name is Andy and this is my story and experience with Marley Spoon meal box.
Success and a stable future never come so easily. I always wanted to have a successful career, and for that it requires time and hard work. Especially when you are a married woman too, so you have to be a little more responsible towards your house.

I used to be one of the most pampered kids in my family. After when I got married, I got the whole responsibility of a new house. I decided that I am never going to compromise on my career because of my responsibilities. However, on the other hand, I couldn’t run from my household responsibilities. Budget was another issue but thanks to Marley Spoon voucher codes, I was able to save up to $40 on my total expenditure.

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One of the biggest hurdles between me and my career was to cook. As my husband is a food lover and never compromise or settle for any less tempting food. Therefore, to learn how to cook was one of the most difficult tasks on my way.

It was extremely difficult task that I couldn’t just focus on my office jobs. But then one of my office colleagues came up with a brilliant idea and suggested me to use Marley spoon – freshly harvested grocery ingredients, chosen from the list of over 300 or more dishes from their online web store.

The grocery comes in a meal box in which temperature is maintained according to the vegetables and other ingredients so that food will be safe and free from outside contaminations.

The exciting thing that attracted me about Marley Spoon was their pre-portioned meal box in which all the grocery ingredients including vegetables, herbs, spices meat, etc was already portioned according tot eh servings you have ordered. In this way you will not have to waste time on collection and sorting of ingredients before cooking.

All you need to do is take out all the ingredients from the box and start cooking. Plus they have a recipe card which has step by step instructions of your chosen recipe preparation.

Marley Spoon has all kind of Italian, Chinese, American, Mexican food recipes which was perfect for my foodie husband. Now I can cook meal effortlessly in less time and more delicious taste.


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